Professional Bassoon Options

Cork Bass Tenons

Cork Extra Tenon, two piece bass joint

Cork Wing and Bass Tenons 

Cork Wing Tenon

French Bell (Metal Bell Ring)

Gold Plating

Body Lock

C-sharp Trill Key Guard

Articulated A-flat/B-flat Trill

Articulated Low E/F-sharp Trill

Two Piece Bass Joint, with special case

Balance Hanger

Bassoon Palm Guard

Automatic Low E-flat & D-flat Mechanism (Cuciureanu)

Auxiliary Low C Extension

Auxiliary Low C-sharp Mechanism

Auxiliary Low C-sharp Spatula

Combination (Right & left hand) E-flat Trill Key

Delete B-flat Trill and move keys closer

Double High E & F Keys

Double High E Key

High A Bridge to Whisper Key with Roller

High E Key with Offset E and F-sharp Spatulas

High G-sharp/A Ring Key

Left Hand E-flat Trill Key

Left Thumb Spatula for Low E-flat

Little Finger Whisper Key

Low C & D Spatulas for Right Thumb

Low E to F Connection

Offset High E & F Keys

Plateau Key, L Hand Third Finger

Right Hand E-flat Trill Key with Alternate C-sharp Trill Key Position

Right thumb Whisper Key Spatula

Single Spatula Low E-flat/D-flat Mechanism (Cuciureanu)

Special Whisper Key Lock R Hand, Type III (rotary)

Thumb A-flat/B-flat Trill Key

Whisper Key Lock, L Hand (instead of R Hand)

Whisper Key Lock, R Hand, Type I

Crown on Pancake Key

Double Wide Little Finger F-sharp, with roller

High A Key with Roller

Little Finger F-sharp Roller

Low C/D Rollers

One Roller Low E Key

Thumb A-flat Roller

Thumb B-flat Roller

Thumb F-sharp Roller

Thumb F-sharp with 2 rollers

Two Roller Low E Key

Whisper Key/C-sharp Rollers

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