Fox Professional Model 300 Oboe

The original Fox Professional oboe, this model is available in all wood (400), all plastic (300) or a plastic top joint with wood lower joint and bell (450). These oboes utilize Fox's original acoustical design and have standard full conservatory keywork. The most traditional Fox oboes, these instrument are known for thier stability, intonation and durability.

Standard Features

  • Plastic resin body
  • Key work made of nickel silver with heavy silver plating
  • Heavily silver plated posts, bands and bell ring
  • Stainless steel arbors,
  • Stainless steel wire springs
  • Teflon tipped stainless steel adjusting screws
  • High quality cork pads on Low C and above
  • High quality bladder pads on Low B and B (flat) keys

Standard Keywork

  • Full conservatory system
  • Left hand F key
  • F resonance mechanism
  • F (sharp) key tab
  • B tab
  • Articulated C (sharp) mechanism
  • A (flat)-B (flat) trill key with A height adjustment
  • G (sharp)-A trill key
  • Low C-C (sharp) trill key
  • Assembly key C-D and B-C (sharp) trills
  • Low B (flat) key with resonance vent
  • Third octave key
  • Split D ring mechanism


  • Hand-made French style professional case
  • Sheepskin lines case cover
  • Three-reed case with reed
  • Silk swab
  • Cork grease
  • Grenadilla tenon cork caps
  • Screwdriver


  • Fully Automatic Octave Key System
  • Philadelphia high D key
  • B-D Link
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