Repair Services for Fox and Renard Oboes and English Horns

Warranty Services

Within one year, the instrument may be returned to the factory for a free mechanical service. This service does not cover excessive or unreasonable damage caused by misuse, accident, corrosion, negligence, or other causes. Fox will inspect the instrument and notify the customer of additional repairs and costs not covered by this warranty. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from the factory.

  • Basic Service includes cleaning octave vents, replacing octave pads, oiling, adjusting, play testing
  • Annual Service moderate service for instruments serviced by Fox on a regular basis, includes basic service and minor key fitting
  • Complete Service thorough mechanical service (note: instruments in very poor condition may require additional services)
  • Repad Service includes complete service with all new pads and key corks
  • Replate Service includes repad service, polishing of posts and bands, replating of keys
  • Additional Services
    • Joint Replacement Repair
    • Major Body Damage
    • Pin Cracks
    • Tone Hole Inserts
    • Tenon Corks (not included as standard in any service)
    • Replacement Keys Pinned Arbors
    • Color Buff keys and bands, with repad service
    • Replate individual keys, with other services
    • Replate individual keys, without other services
    • Other Mechanical Work
    • Tuning and Voicing (requires customer participation)
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