Double Star *CVX* Bocals Double_Star__CVX__Bocals_26

$750.00 each
** Bocal Length


The Fox Double Star *CVX* bocal is standard with Renard Artist models 220 and 240 and all Fox models, except the thick wall models 601 and 660.

The *CVX* bocal has a reputation for performance, with stable pitches and excellent response throughout the range of the instrument. It is often referred to as a high note bocal among some players, reflecting its excellent performance in that range. It is at its best with standard wall style bassoons, and isn't recommended for use with thick wall style bassoons.

Fox *CVX* bocals are available in lengths 0 through 4, with #0 being the shortest length. Lengths #1, #2, and #3 are considered the "normal" lengths.

The standard plating is silver however nickel plating is also available at no extra charge.  By special order only, gold plating can be requested at an additional charge.  

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