Repair Services for Fox and Renard Bassoons

Fox Products maintains repair facilities for the repair of all instruments that we have made. The following listing provides a description of some of the services routinely offered for the repair of Fox and Renard bassoons. Additional information and prices for these services are available upon request.

Complete Service

This is the kind of job that should be considered on an annual or biannual basis. The mechanism is completely disassembled and all parts are inspected and adjusted for proper function. Pads, corks, and felts are replaced only as needed.

Repad Overhaul

This includes the complete replacement of all pads, corks, and felts. The body is oiled and cleaned. The keys and other plated parts are cleaned. Buffing is not included. The tenon wrappings are replaced. The u-tube is resealed. This service is for instruments where the finish and plating are in good condition but where the pads are losing their effectiveness. Repadding is appropriate every 10 to 15 years depending upon the level of use and maintenance the instrument receives.

Replate Overhaul

This overhaul goes beyond the repad overhaul by replating of all the keys, guards, posts, bands and other plated parts. This is appropriate for instruments where the existing plating shows a lot of wear.


This is the complete rebuilding of an older instrument. It is appropriate for an instrument where the finish of the wood and the plating are in poor condition. It includes not only replating and refinishing but may also include any rebuilding or alterations of the existing keywork as needed.

Other Repairs

Other types of repair work include the replacement of lost or damaged keys, the addition of new keywork, the replacement of broken tenons, and revoicing and tuning.
For persons seeking similar services for the repair of bassoons made by other makers, we would be pleased to suggest names of other specialists in the repair of double reed instruments. Although we reserve our repair department for the repair of instruments we have made, we are in regular contact with repair technicians throughout the world and may be able to direct you to one convenient to you.

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