Renard Artist Model 240 Bassoon

The Artist Model 240 has been a perennial favorite since its introduction in 1994. With many of the soloistic characteristics of the 201, the Model 240 is flexible, free and easy to play. It is ideal for players in high school through college, serious amateurs and hobbists.


Standard Features

  • Select, aged Red Maple body
  • French style bell (metal ring)
  • Liner in the wing joint and small bore of the boot
  • Key work made of nickel silver with heavy silver plating
  • Nickel silver water tubes extending into the bore
  • Body lock
  • B (flat) guard

Standard Keywork

  • Full German Key System
  • High D key
  • High E key
  • Ring key for left hand third finger
  • Right hand whisper key lock
  • Rollers for right little finger F and A (flat)
  • Rollers for left little finger E (flat) and D (flat)
  • Rollers for right thumb B (flat) and F (sharp)


  • Two Professional Bocals: *CVX* R2 bocals; #2 & #3 lengths ~ Options: CVX, CVC, CTX, CTC styles; Lengths 0-4


  • Premium case with both shoulder and backpack straps
  • Two high quality bassoon reeds
  • Hand rest
  • Neck strap
  • Seat strap
  • Micro-fiber swabs for boot and wing
  • Care cloth

Popular Options

  • German style bell (white ring)
  • Balance Hanger
  • Left hand whisper key lock
  • High A bridge to whisper key
  • Plateau key
  • Corked tenons
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