Fox Products
  • CTC Double Star R2


The Fox Double Star *CTC* Bocal is a variant of the Fox Double Star *CVC* Bocal. The "T" indicates that the tube wall thickness has been reduced in certain places along the bore. The effect of the thinner wall is to provide greater flexibility to the player as well as allowing it to blow freer. Both of these bocals are intended for use on thick wall style bassoons, including the Fox models 601 and 660. They are also desirable for use on Heckel bassoons made in the last five decades. They are not recommended for standard wall style bassoons. Fox *CTC* bocals are available in lengths 0 through 4 with #0 being the shortest length. Lengths #1, #2 and #3 are considered "normal" lengths. The standard plating is silver however nickel plating is also available at no extra charge. By special order only, gold plating can be requested at an additional charge.