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About Us

Fox Products believes that music enriches lives. We proudly support the music community by crafting high-quality musical instruments and cultivating excellent personal connections.

Musician Involvement


The Little Things Matter

Who understands the qualities a musician is looking for in an instrument better than other musicians? We are committed to providing instruments that meet your needs. That’s why we enlist top artists in the industry to assist our R&D team. Musicians are involved in almost every step of our process, including play testing each instrument, so you receive the quality you deserve.
  We age our own wood. We plate our own keys. We mount keys by hand from parts that we make. We do the little things ourselves to ensure that your instrument is designed to play the way it was intended. And the best part? The instruments in our Renard line are made with the same care and attention to detail as our professional models. This allows us to deliver the same high-quality standards that have become expected of Fox, regardless of the instrument's price tag.






South Whitley, IN, USA



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From Our Hands to Yours

We pride ourselves on hand-crafting every bassoon, contra, oboe, and English horn so that each instrument is truly passed from our hands to yours. 

Our Story

Founder Hugo Fox played bassoon for the Chicago Symphony for almost 30 years. While in the symphony, he wanted to improve the instrument that he loved and envisioned a high-quality bassoon made entirely in the United States. After retiring in 1949, he returned home to make that vision a reality. Today, we continue to embrace Hugo's commitment to excellence while keeping production in the same location on the Fox family farm in South Whitley, Indiana, USA.


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