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Why don't you display instrument prices on your web site?

While we do have a suggested list price available upon request, we market our instruments through our preferred distributors.

What's the difference between your Renard oboe reed and the Artist oboe reed?

The Renard reed is used primarily in schools; whereas, the Artist reed is shipped with each instrument.

Where does your cane come from?

It is Glotin cane from France.

Does Fox Products make the reeds it uses in its instruments?

No, our reeds are made to our specifications by various quality commercial reed companies.

Where is the serial number on my bassoon?

It is stamped on the U-tube, beneath the boot cap. It's also written on the tenons.

What is the advantage of registering my Fox instrument?

While registering certainly helps our record-keeping pursuits, some good reasons to register are:

  • We receive calls regarding recovered stolen instruments & help them rejoin their owners.
  • We validate your instrument's owner and repair history. Very handy if you ever decide to sell your Fox or buy another used one!
  • Sometimes registration cards are lost or misplaced with the delivery of a new horn from the dealer so the on-line function allows for this registration.

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