Made in South Whitley, Indiana USA

  • Aaron Hill - University of Nevada, Reno

  • Albie Micklich - Arizona State University

  • Ann Shoemaker - Baylor University

  • Breaking Winds - Bassoon Quartet

  • Elizabeth Koch Tiscione - Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

  • Hans Agreda - Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra & Zurich Uni. of the Arts

  • Kristin Wolfe Jensen - University of Texas at Austin

  • Matthias Rácz - Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra & Zurich Uni. of the Arts

  • Pedro Díaz - Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

  • Shannon Lowe - University of Florida

  • Simon Van Holen - Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Conservatorium van Amsterdam

  • Susan Tomkiewicz - Columbus State University

  • Ted Soluri - Dallas Symphony Orchestra

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Introduction the Oboe Collection
Select Maple Body

16% lighter than its grenadilla counterpart

Attractive Design

Bordeaux finish accented with gold posts and bands


Lined upper and lower joints ensure consistent performance

Fox Professional OboeMaple Sayen

Made of select maple with the same thick wall design as the original Sayen oboe, the Maple Sayen Model 880 combines the beauty and sustainability of maple without compromising tone or intonation. The maple body makes for an oboe that is 16% lighter than its grenadilla counterpart while adding a complexity of tone that both blends well in woodwind sections and projects well as a solo instrument.

From Our Hands to Yours

What We Offer

We are passionate about providing musicians with high-quality instruments that allow them to display their talents.

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Superior Design

Our models are specifically designed to provide clear intonation, colorful sound and responsive keywork that can only be found on Fox instruments.


Quality Materials

The wood used for our instruments is carefully hand-selected, aged, and cured in order to achieve the greatest tone and resonance.


Expert Craftmanship

Our skilled craftspeople precisely manufacture each instrument in order to accentuate the tonal qualities unique to each model.


Unparalleled Keywork Options

We offer an unrivaled amount of keywork options on our bassoons, allowing musicians to select an instrument that is customized to work optimally with their unique style of playing.


An Instrument for Everyone

With many models having their own unique characteristics, we truly offer an instrument for everyone.