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Repair Services

Repair Services

Repair Services

Fox Products maintains repair facilities for the repair of all instruments we have made. The following listing provides a description of some of the services routinely offered for the repair of all Fox bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes, and English horns. Please call for current pricing.

Warranty Service

Within one year, the instrument may be returned to the factory for a free mechanical service. The purpose of the service is to restore the instrument to its original factory condition. Customer costs will be limited to parts and shipping. The warranty does not cover unreasonable damage caused by misuse or neglect.

Complete Service

Regular service will keep an instrument in good playing condition and should be part of normal instrument maintenance. All keys are removed and cleaned; pads, corks, and tenon wrappings are replaced as needed. The bore is oiled for wood instruments and the body cleaned. All mechanisms are checked, lubricated, and adjusted to proper playing condition.

Annual Service

This service involves operations identical to the complete service, and is available to instruments serviced by us within the last twelve months.

Repad Overhaul

All pads, corks and tenon wrappings are replaced. U-tube systems are resealed for all bassoons. Wood bodies are oiled, and bodies and keys are cleaned. Mechanisms are tightened and adjusted. Screws are replaced as necessary. Repadding is appropriate every ten to fifteen years, depending upon the level of us and maintenance the instrument receives.

Replate Overhaul

This service includes everything done as a part of Repad Overhaul. In addition, all keys, guards, posts, and bands are stripped to the base metal, repaired, buffed, and replated. Standard platings include nick and silver. Gold is also optional.

Restoration (bassoon only)

This is the complete rebuilding of an older instrument. It is appropriate for an instrument where the finish of the wood and the plating are in poor condition. IT includes not only replating and refinishing, but may also include any rebuilding or alterations for the existing keywork as needed.

We reserve our repair departments exclusively for the repair of Fox Products instruments. For repair of instruments from other manufacturers, we would be pleased to suggest names of well qualified specialists capable of assisting you.